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Mon-Thur $35 an hour with 1 lighting.

Fri-Sun $70 an hour with 1  lighting.

Maximum Number Of People Will Be Inside At The Same Time: Limited 1-5 people 

$100 an hour: Limited 5-10 people

  • 1,000 SQ FT of Space
  • Color Backdrops
  • Lighting Stands
  • Mixer & Speakers 
  • Fans
FACE MASKS REQUIRED during Covid-19 pandemic except who will be in a photo/video

One Time Charges

$10 Godox SK400ii
$25 Godox AD400 Pro 
$25 Two Fovitec LEDs 
$10 One Dracast LED
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4
Option 1 comes with a 2 hours session. Triggers, Strobes work with Canon, Nikon, and Sony.

One Time Charges

Charge an extra ​$10 to use chairs/couches

Charge an extra $25 to use each throne

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Fill out the booking form, and we will get back to you within 24 hours to confirm the studio's availability. Revering, full payment is required.

A maximum capacity is 1-10 people inside the studio. However, the rental price will increase. Please contact us If you have any questions about our studio policy.

Maximum Number Of People Will Be Inside The Studio:


  • $35 an hour with 1-5 people Mon-Thur

  • $70 an hour with 1-5 people Fri - Sun

  • $100 an hour with 5-10 people any day     

Private session:

  • A private session is required an extra $20 per hour.

Without an extra $20, there is NO private session, and we reserve the right to enter and shoot at any time. 

Face mask required except models who will be in photo or video

Open Hours:


Monday to Sunday

10 AM to 10 PM

Thanks for submitting.

When You Want  Professional Photo Or Video Service, Ambishen Studio Fits The Frame

Extra Services:

  • Photography 

  • Videography 

  • Events

  • Music videos

  • Drone video/photo

  • Headshots

  • Interviews

  • Hire photographers/videographers

  • Wedding video/photo

  • Edit video/photo

  • Product commercials

  • Equipment rentals

  • Studio rental

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Ambishen Studio

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