Ambishen Studio Terms & Conditions


1. Payment Terms:  Full payment is required upon the reservation. 

2. Reschedule Policy: Reserved time is NOT allowed to reschedule.

3. Refunds Policy: Reservation payment is NON-refundable. 

4. Setup Time: Setup time starts at the time of your reservation. No extra set-up time is provided by the studio. Please account for the time you need to set up and reserve the time accordingly. No early check-in is permitted for the setup unless permitted by the studio.

5. Late Arrivals: Reservation starts at the time slot booked. To be courteous to other creatives renting the studio please make sure you arrive in time. You are responsible for your late time and late arrivals will not be an exception.

6. Check-In: Check-in is at a time in your reservation.

7. Check-Out: You must check out at a time in your reservation. Please keep in mind that the next creative may be waiting for the studio. Studio time can be extended subject to studio availability and with approval.  If you check out more than 10 minutes you must pay a check-out late fee of $70 unless you have our approval. 


8. Extend Time: Extended time can be bought in 30 minutes increments subject to studio availability. 


9. Backdrop/Background/Paper: In order to preserve backdrops fresh and clear we provide plastic sheets for your session. The plastic sheet will be put on top of the Backdrop/Background/Paper that you must step on the plastic sheets. There is a $20 fee for each paper if you want to step directly on Backdrop/Background/Paper. REMEMBER-You must pay a $100 fee if you cut or tear, mess up (destroy) Backdrop/Background/Paper. ALL PAPERS BE INSPECTED BEFORE AND AFTER THE SHOT.


10. Maximum Number Of People Will Be Inside The Studio:

  • $35 an hour with 1-5 people from Monday-Thursday

  • $70 an hour with 1-5 people from Friday-Sunday

  • $100 an hour with 5-10 people any day.

 FACE MASK REQUIRED during Covid-19 pandemic except for those who will be in a photo/video


11. Lighting Extra Options - One Time Charges: 

  • Option 1: $10 fee - comes with Godox SK400ii or Godox 250 strobe and a trigger.

  • Option 2: $25 fee - comes with Godox AD400 Pro or option one and a trigger.

  • Option 3: $25 fee - comes with 2 Fovitec LEDs

  • Option 4: $10 fee - comes with 1 Dracast LED or 1 Fovitec LED and 1 Ring lighting.

Option 1 comes free of charge in the studio reserved for at least 2 hours.

Triggers, Strobes work with Canon, Nikon, and Sony.



12. Private session: 

  • A private session is required for an extra $20 per hour.

  • Only your team is in the studio.

  • No other photographer will be shot simultaneously.

Without an extra $20, there is NO private session, and we reserve the right to enter and shoot at any time. 


13. Props/Furniture Options - One Time Charges: Furniture in the room are not props. There is a charge for any props

  • $10 fee to use chairs.

  • $10 fee to use couches

  • $25 fee to use EACH THRONE

A makeup area is free to use, and you must be responsible for cleaning before you leave. A makeup area is inspected before and after the shot. If You Break Anything, You Must Pay Full Price For That Thing Immediately.


14. If Breakdowns Occur, Paper/Backdrop/Background Damage And Repairs Are Needed:  Please DO NOT break anything; if anything breaks or damages, you must pay full price for that thing immediately. Any repair/replacement must have prior authorization from Ambishen Studio. Please save and submit all receipts for repairs.


15. Using/Reposting/Assuming All Photos/Videos: Your all photos/videos (except a nude or private photo/video, we will ask your permission to repost a nude or private photo/video)  will be reposted on studio Instagram @ambishenstduio, Facebook Ambishen Studio, Ambishen Studio Website, Google unless you are paid for a private time-slot.


16. Non-Smoking: There is NO SMOKING allowed in any of the vehicles. If evidence of smoke is detected, excessive cleaning and fumigation will be billed at a flat rate of $100 unless you have our approval.



18. Drug/Alcohol: All drugs and any alcohol are NOT allowed inside the studio.

19. TERMS AND RATES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE: Any additional terms will be disclosed at the time that the rental agreement is signed.